How We Chose our Layout

So Many Types of Motorhome Layouts ---- Which One?

Many friends and colleagues in the motorhome world are “trying before buying”. They hire before they buy. This is an expensive way of doing research into the types of motorhome layouts. Hopefully this page will help! 

This is how we chose our layout and what we thought was important. Check out our “Look round Chrissy” page to see what we chose. 


OK You want a good night’s sleep BUT you travel with children or grandchildren?

Space is at a premium and you don’t want to be converting a bed into a settee. 

Go for an electric (12volt) drop down bed and a fixed rear bed. 

An end lounge with bed conversion, plus a drop down bed, above gives the best space. However the bed conversion needs to be done every night and only agile adults can negotiate a drop down bed. You have to give consideration to how one of you will leave the bed without disturbing the other!

motorhome garage contents
All the Gear and No Idea!

Do we need a motorhome layout with a Garage/ What about the length it will add to the Motorhome?



A Garage gives you space!                   All the equipment you travel with can be stored tidily away.

The garage often has a heating vent. This can help to air damp clothes.

Storage is often extended under the rear fixed bed. An ideal place to keep bedding/towels.


It adds length to the motorhome.  You’ll find you are soon in the 7mtr category if 4 regularly travel.

It’s tempting to add weight to the back of the motorhome. Beware your back axle limits and the limit of the garage itself. Also beware of going over the 3500kg limit and invalidating insurance and your licence.


Motorhome layouts for Chilling, Storing and Cooking Food

What about the practicalities of living aboard? Best first to decide how you’re going to use your motorhome. Then when you’re looking at the different motorhome layouts you can narrow your choice.

I prefer to stay on sites

I’m happier off grid or on small sites

Shopping and Cooking is less of a concern if your on a site. Larger sites will have club houses and on-site restaurants so you may only need chilled storage for onboard snacks and minimal cooking facilities. This means you could choose a motorhome that only has a small fridge, small cooker and a microwave

Going to smaller sites or off-grid is a different matter. Some types of motorhome layout lend themselves better to this than others. You will need more cupboard storage and more fridge storage as well as a “proper” cooker to produce meals. Chrissy has an onboard bbq, which although not common in all motorhome layouts, certainly helps.

The best motorhome layouts for Washing and Showering.

Washing and showering is an important consideration. After many years caravanning we know what it’s like coping with low water pressure. The on-site off-site debate will rage again, but choose the type of motorhome layout that has a separate toilet and shower if you want a better experience. 

Don't forget about your pets!

We have had dogs for many years and have toured with them in caravans and motorhomes. Caravans offer more space, but we decided that our Chausson adapted quite well. As long as the dogs had their favourite beds and toys, they lay between the captain seats quite happily and enjoyed their travels. Admittedly it was much easier when the sun was shining.

Take a look at our page dealing with hiring for a dog orientated holiday. 


Over to you!!

So when you have chosen your best motorhome layout, have a look at all the dealer’s stock and make your final choice!

If you have chosen one like Chrissy,  book her here to confirm your choice before you finalise the deal!!