Weight and Payloads – Chrissy’s Statistics

It’s All About Weight!

Weights, payloads and legal criteria.

Chrissy is a Chausson 738 xlb (xlb meaning extra large bed!). There is a Fiat chassis and a remapped 130 bhp engine with front wheel drive. As a result, this gives enough power to cope with hills and hairpin bends. Suspension is a single rear axle, leaf springs and a legal weight limit of 3500kg with a motorhome payload of 350kg. (See later for a motorhome payload calculator.) This means you can drive with an ordinary car licence.

As the driver, in order to keep to weights, payloads and legal criteria, you must to ensure all payloads and axle weights adhere to legal limits. Attention must be paid to balancing the weight over the axles, we will explain this fully at the handover.

a weight restriction sign

This article was taken from CARAVANGUARD , read it carefully, it is an excellent explanation of weights and loads.

Motorhomes are limited to the weight which they can carry and how the weight should be distributed throughout the vehicle.