Dog friendly motorhome hire

pet friendly motorhome hire

Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire

It means a great deal to be able to take your pet with you, and South west Scotland is a great place for walking dogs, so we offer our dog friendly motorhome hire. Save the expense of kennels or a dog sitter! You may take up to two dogs or pets with you and the charge is £25, per hire, for extra cleaning.  This is much cheaper than paying for kennels. Check, when using our dog friendly motorhome hire, that the sites you are booking take pets. Many site owners are dog friendly but don’t risk being disappointed when you turn up. 

Your pets on board.

Using a pet friendly motorhome hire means you can be in a new area every day. Plan you touring route around dog walks using Ordnance Survey maps and you and your pets will be safe, fit and happy. Our dog friendly motorhome hire means the options for dog walks are endless. Although we can’t guarantee no muddy paws, or the weather, we can guarantee Chrissy will cope with your pet’s needs. Your dog will quickly be comfortable. Using a seat belt harness on the forward facing lounge seats, you can rest assured your dog will be secure in transit whilst you’re on your travels.  There is lots of space for your dog to sleep too, either in the lounge or between the captain seats

Remember to bring your pet’s bed and favourite toys so they will feel at home.

Check Chrissy’s pet friendly availability now to book your pets in for their best holiday. If you are in Northern Ireland and looking for a dog or pet friendly motorhome hire in South west Scotland, we can meet you off the ferry at Stranraer. If you need any more help with bringing your dog into Scotland you can get in touch here

Please keep dogs under control because livestock worrying is becoming a serious problem and respect farmers and their livestock when you are in the fields. Click this link to see the Countryside code.

take your pet with you

Make your pet friendly holiday a success

We have had many great holidays with our dogs and pets and would like to share a few tips with you.

Travelling with dogs in a restricted space can be a challenge. Their safety is important, as well as yours. It is best to buy a dog harness approved for attaching to safety belts. This keeps the dog well secured in his seat. It will prevent him being thrown forward in the event of an accident. The seats in Chrissy’s lounge convert to pet friendly belted travelling seats, so there is no problem attaching the harness.

Even as dog lovers. living with dogs and pets in the restricted space can also be difficult. There is a space between the cab seats which is one advantage of Chrissy’s cab design. We put our dog’s bed there and he is quite happy. 

Considerations when pets are travelling

Dog lovers be aware!

Motorhome hire with a friendly pet is great, but remember not everyone on site might like dogs. Children may also be nervous.

Secure your dog with a seat harness when travelling.

Remember to dry your dog off before he comes back into the motorhome: this will reduce smells in a confined space!

Dogs die in hot cars!!

  • Take your dog with you if it’s a hot day. The cab temperature can be much greater than a car because of the increased window area.
  • Have plenty of fresh water available. Fill a 5ltr container at every opportunity
  • Pavement temperatures might be enough to burn your dog’s pads.