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Garlieston Village

We are based in Whithorn. Garlieston village, less than 5 miles from where you will collect Chrissy is well worth exploring.

The village history is long and fascinating. Developed by Lord Garlies, the origins of Garlieston (literally Garlies Town) date back to the 1780s. This is when Lord Garlies planned and built a small port on the sheltered shores of what later became known as Garlieston Bay. There had long been a small settlement here called Cashwhill complete with water mills where the burn flowed into the sea. But by 1800 Garlieston had grown to become home to 500 people and home port to 10 trading vessels.

The Hamlet’s Expansion

Building a pier in 1816 expanded the harbour’s capacity . Local industry increased to include the production of sailcloth and ropes, and shipbuilding also took place.  Garlieston Harbour’s rail connection was inaugurated at the start of the 1900s. This meant that special excursions could arrive on the quayside, allowing passengers easy access to steamers bound for the Isle of Man. It also meant Lord Garlie has his own personal transport inland! The railway closed in 1950, but the Isle of Man excursions had already ceased in the 1930s.

The Village Hall and Bowling Green back onto Garlieston Bay. Between the two is a large polished granite stone commemorating a little known part of the Town’s history. Between 1941 and 1944 Garlieston Bay was used to test components of the “Mulberry” floating harbours that were so vital to the success of the D-Day landings in Europe in 1944. The harbours were manufactured in Cairnryan, floated down to Rigg Bay where they were assembled, then tested on landings at Garlieston.

Modern Times

In more recent years the town has become less significant as a commercial port. If you take the interesting walk around the south side of the bay to the harbour you will probably still find the odd fishing boat moored at the quayside. Pleasure craft now dominate and we have a local businessman offer sailing tuition and canoe hire from the slipway.

If you are travelling a long way to come to Whithorn to collect Chrissy, I would strongly suggest you try this site for your first night as it’s literally on our doorstep! This is an ideal pitch-up to get used to how Chrissy works. Some of our hirers have already done this and comment that they are reassured by knowing we are only a few minutes away if needed. Taking time on your first night to discover how everything works will give you a stress free holiday.

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