Booking a Trip

view from campsite

So you have booked Chrissy for a few days and now need to book a few sites! 

How do you go about it?

The best holidays are the ones that start with a plan, go a bit wonky in the middle and end up as planned.

  1. First of all choose a location. Coast, mountain, city, towns and villages, culture etc.
  2. Now have a look at Google Maps and search campsites in this area. That will give you a heads up as to what is available.
  3. Also use some commercial web sites such as ukcampsite or pitchup.com to help your search 
  4. Don’t be frightened to think out of the box! If you like touring coastlines, then find yachting websites that show anchorages. They often list facilities such as campsites or shops near anchorages. By doing this you will be sure to find the campsite with the location of your dreams. For Scotland and Scottish coasts try the Maramap on westcoastwaters.

Careful selection of a Campsite can reward you with sunrises like this!

sunrise over wood

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